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Between Bulls and Mosquitoes DVD is now available! The DVD includes the full length documentary, bonus interviews with project collaborators, extended scenes, and the documentary trailer. The documentary is in Tajik with English subtitles.

Please note that public screenings require public screening performance rights.

For any questions regarding screening rights, or to order a DVD, please contact us at: solmaz@teacherswithoutborders.org

About Us

Solmaz Mohadjer, Geoscientist

To fall victim to the beautiful scenery of one's home is a tragedy, but doubly so when this tragedy is completely avoidable. Many people of Central Asia face this prospect, knowingly or unknowingly, every day of their lives. I use GPS geodesy to quantify regions of high strain in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Pakistan that are at great risk of catastrophic earthquakes. As part of this work, I develop and implement region-specific earthquake hazards curricula for K-12 students in Central Asia. I am currently working with Teachers Without Borders to incorporate elements of this curricula into public school lesson plans in China in the aftermath of the Sichuan Province earthquake. solmaz@teacherswithoutborders.org

Zach Adam, Astrobiologist

Space dust drifts onto the entire surface of Earth every day, from Bishkek to Buenos Aires. Space, the lofty and seemingly inaccessible void above, is closer than we ever imagined. I work at the Office of Commercial Space Transportation to maintain the safety and reliability of commercial launch vehicles. I apply my background knowledge of astrobiology and astronautics engineering to create science curricula that describes the Earth in the context of its space environment. My research activities include advanced life support system concepts for missions to the Moon and Mars, and developing a new theory of how life arose on the ancient Earth from natural nuclear reactors. vooderbar@gmail.com

Christine Stickler, Director, The Pipeline Project

I have taught thousands of children and adults the simple technique of single signature binding and it brings me great joy to see it brought to young people in Central Asia. I have been helping young people find a voice through their writing and publishing of books for over 25 years. I am currently serving as director of The Pipeline Project at the University of Washington (UW). Our program recruits, trains and places undergraduate students in K-12 settings as tutors and mentors. Prior to coming to the UW, I was the founder and director of the Seattle Youth Involvement Network, a city-wide youth advocacy program established in 1988. I have also worked as an educator and educational consultant in the United States, Central America and Europe. castick@u.washington.edu

Emily Crawford, Filmmaker and Educator

I am an independent video documentarian. My efforts have previously focused on video projects for grass-roots community organizations operating in western Montana. Through my work as an educator at Spectrum, a science museum in Missoula, Montana, I develop and teach hands-on science activities that encourage effective learning and creative ways of making connections to the natural world. I believe that by putting knowledge and power in the hands of children they will become able to make positive, progressive contributions to their communities.

Want to help out?

We are dedicating our efforts to developing, implementing, improving, and distributing earthquake education packages all around Central Asia, particularly Tajikistan and Afghanistan. First and foremost, we seek collaborators within Central Asia that can help us implement earthquake curricula with young people. This might include teachers, administrators, or parents that would like to receive earthquake education curricula training. Second, we seek collaborators that can help us to locate, acquire, and distribute raw materials used throughout the curricula. Finally, we seek international geohazards specialists and scientists operating in Central Asia who are willing to share their knowledge with young people in the course of their field studies in the region.

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